Made for Kronbits' Demake Jam


Paint your way to victory in this demake of Nintendo's acclaimed multiplayer action shooter Splatoon for the old (but gold) computer ZX Spectrum! Be a green ink boy or a purple ink girl and fight till death victory by painting as many things as you can! Who will win the ink war?


ZX Splatoon  was originally made  for the Demake Jam. Before the jam even existed, I had made a mockup of a fake ZX Spectrum Splatoon (which you can check (along other awesome things) on my Twitter @Zushi3DHero!!) so when I found out about the Jam, I had to bring the mockup to life! It was a good challenge, since the ZX Spectrum had a bunch of limitations (the color clash situation, the resolution (which I doubled), the limited space for controls...) but I was able to make something decent out of it.

The game offers an easy and straight forward single player mode, where you have to collect Lightinfish and avoid the mean Octodudes! Apologies in advance if you find a lot of bugs on the One Player Mode, I did it on the last day of the jam because I wanted to offer an experience to those who can't play with other people!

And what is Splatoon without a local multiplayer mode? ZX Spectoon also offers you the chance to battle against someone else for 3 minutes! Paint the grey colored items as many time as you can so you can collect points and come out victorious! All of this while you enjoy the great tunes of Simon "Zebu" Gigant!

If you are going to leave feedback, I am totally okay with that! :)

We hope you enjoy the game and thanks for playing!

- Zushi

Splatoon does not in any way belong to me. All the rights to Nintendo.


A game by:

Zushi3DHero - Programming, Art, Design, SFX (Twitter: @Zushi3DHero)

Simon "Zebu" Gigant - Music (Twitter: @ZebuZombie)

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